What is trauma? have you experienced it?

Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Most people say their trauma is “not that bad” or “others have had it worse” and try to diminish their experience. A trauma can be anything from abuse to rejection. A break up can be trauma. Anything that is deeply distressing is a trauma. Sometimes people can go through trauma and grow from it but other times it may continue to impact them after it's over and potentially cause psychological distress. Trauma can affect our beliefs about self and the world. Someone who was abused may believe they are worthless, someone who was cheated on may think they are unlovable. They may also believe the world is not safe. Those beliefs can get stuck and continue to impact emotions and behavior. Sometimes people are impacted by nightmares or even flashbacks(feeling as though the trauma is happening although it isn't). Emotions are strongly impacted. Someone may be agitated and keyed up, struggle to concentrate, be irritable or angry. Being impacted by a past trauma is very normal. Humans have survived because they learn from the past. When we continue to perceive things as unsafe that are not unsafe however it can become debilitating. If you are still being impacted by your past trauma, make an appointment today. I offer EMDR therapy which is the most studied and effective treatment for trauma.